This Is What I Missed

I feel at one with the camera again and I feel all manner of confidence returning to me.

Every single day is spent somewhere away from home with the camera. More often than not, I return home with garbage but slowly, I feel the mojo returning. Having not even lifting up a camera during the COVID years of 20 & 21, now it has become a prerequisite of the day.

Get up in the morning, jump on a train and just let it take me wherever it wants. Nothing is planned. Nothing is premeditated – just a journey with a camera and a will to find, to create, to capture. Moments. Fleeting moments. A photographic journal of the living, breathing city. The cacophony of Melbourne beginning to thrive, hustle and bustle and live again. 

I had honestly forgotten just how much I loved doing this.

Let’s see what tomorrow captures.

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