The Day Adalita Brought Music Back

I remember when mum passed and how the grief lingered on and remained so painful.

I not only lost my mother but my passion for music which was always such an integral part of my being, had disappeared too.

I couldn’t listen to music without feeling hurt or guilty or a sickly combination of both.

It took so long to find harmony in my life again. Mum was gone, the music was gone. May as well have been that everything was gone.

But slowly I felt brave enough to let my soul sing again and the first artist I went to see after mum’s passing was Adalita. Her music was like a small bridge to the side that was normal in life again.

And the guilt waned. And the pain of mum faded away. Albeit, it is still a constant but one that can now be lived with.

The music I so cherished was back in my life again.

I am glad I had my camera with me that night.

Cheers to you Adalita.

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