October City Photowalk

Photographically rejuvenated there is nothing I find more thrilling than just walking the streets of Melbourne with my camera. It is something I would do in the past almost every day.

These days, I am finding it to be more enjoyable than shooting live music gigs with the realisation that the last time I photographed a band was just before COVID really shook the world in early 2020. As it stands today, TOOL were the last band I have photographed. But I digress.

Today I attended an art show at ACCA and then moved on through the city. Melbourne was an absolute hive of activity today and everything seemed like it did in a world pre-COVID. It pleased me to see the city so alive again and feeling very much back to normal.

The obligatory ‘Freedom’ Protests were back this weekend and I struggled to find what exactly they were protesting. Here we are in a free city where anyone and everyone has freedom all around them. So I wasn’t exactly sure what they were actually protesting. Methinks they had no idea either. But hey, who’s gonna argue with fools. Let them wave around their confused banners and let them make superb cannon-fodder for my camera.

As I was taking photos of the march one of the protestors came up to me and said “All we are fighting for is freedom…”

I replied to her, “You already have this freedom you seek. So you are basically protesting against nothing.”

She looked confused. I snapped away.

I remember during the height of COVID how empty and depressingly sullen the streets had become. It has taken a while for some normalcy to return and that also means the plethora of homeless people scattered throughout.

You would think as a society we would be able to help these people more but they are all beginning to look more and more desperate in their plight and state of mind.

I had a stroll through the Queen Victoria Market and that is always an assault on the senses! The scent of the fresh produce and the vast span of multicultural Melbourne on display. It is a thriving metropolis of commerce and some of the most incredible produce and food.

The line waiting for the obligatory Doughnut Van fix were as plentiful as ever. It’s always fun watching the faces of the people get their doughnuts.

I ended up walking for hours through the city, rediscovering it all again as it had been so absent since the recent lockdown days. And believe me, there is nothing better than having a sit down at Centre Place and having a wonderful Melbourne coffee.

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