That Self Reflective Mood (2023)

The reflective and pondering mood always visits when I have gone through a sad day. I am glad yesterday has come and gone. I can close that chapter off and hope over the course of the next 12 months, the memory subsides a little more. I have been very highly strung and stressed over this past month. It has been hard not only dealing with my own demons, but carrying the weight of some that belong to others. Not that I mind offering help and support to someone I care about who was in need. But the stress levels have been high and I found myself in hospital twice this. year. (and only once ever in the last 50 years!) 

And the weird thing is, after a 12 month long battle with strange allergies that 20 visits to a specialist and thousands of dollars later could not find the source of… my body is finally recovering and I am about 85% normal again. 

Cheers for reading this far…