Remembering Motörhead’s Lemmy (2011)

We celebrate Lemmy today! And I fondly remember spending an entire day with him in 2011 photographing the gig at Festival Hall and the meet and greet with the fans.

I remember waiting for him in catering and first heard his voice in another room going off at some roadie (hahaha!) and suddenly the hairs on my arm and the back of my neck just instantly stood to attention! It was freaky but I knew I was in the presence of Rock N Roll royalty!

I have many photos from that day. Largely unseen anywhere.

In the photo below, Phil was giving me the bird. From that moment on, every single shot of Lemmy he was doing the same as he went through about a pack of smokes in an hour and half and about 7 Jack & Cokes as well! Blimey!

RIP Lemmy! One of the greats!