Palais Theatre (2022)

I went for a walk through St Kilda and St Kilda East tonight. My home for over 10 years and a place filled with wonderful memories. We had such a wonderful community within our apartment block but from the 12 households that were there, only one remains. The building was sold a few months ago and all the residents, all my friends there and my ex partner of 15 years have scattered away. Our community is no longer.

I don’t know what is to happen to our building but it saddens me that we buried two of our beloved pets there. Luci in 2014 and Mr Boy in 2019. It saddens me they are left behind as are all the tremendous memories living in St Kilda afforded.

The winters were brutal, but come Spring and Summertime and the get togethers on the roof garden full of fun, laughter, food and drink were grand.

I miss my St Kilda life but I will hold her memories dear.