Everfresh Open Studio

The Everfresh crew are responsible for some of the most memorable and amazing street art wherever their brushes and aerosol cans have reached throughout Melbourne and the world over.

Collectively and individually they are an amazingly talented crew which have featured artists such as Rone, Makatron, Sync, Reka, Wonderlust, The Tooth, Meggs, Phibs – just to name a few, under the Everfresh banner.

Internationally renowned due to their vast array of street art – as well as countless of gallery exhibitions, news articles, books and publications they have appeared in. (You can also see some of my photos in their book released a few years ago. A huge honour for yours truly I can assure you!)

Everfresh have recently moved to their new studio space in the inner city suburbs of Melbourne, and today they opened up the gates to their guarded inner sanctum for the general public. The first Everfresh Open Studio at their new location.

I have never had the chance to see their work behind the closed doors so I was not going to pass up an opportunity like this. To take a sneak peek behind the curtain and get a down and dirty feel of how these guys actually do their magic, was literally a chance of a lifetime.

It was with open-eyed eagerness that I paid the studio a visit today and took in all that this hive of creativity had to offer.

The studio was open between 11am and 5pm and there was a fantastic turnout by the time I got there.

There was a small wait in the queue to get in but it certainly was worth it.

Enough from me, check out the pics below…

Everfresh Open Studio
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