Preston Market Characters (2022)

So the moustached gentleman I saw from the corner of my eye patrolling the market. Quite a charmer as is evident by the photo! Black tee, black mo, black hair (what’s left of it), Greek Orthodox tattoos… a fucking charmer to the T! 🙂

I approached him…

“Can I take your photo?” I asked.

“The last time I was photographed I ended up in Australia’s most wanted… why do you want to take my picture?”

I responded, “You look fucking amazing!”

I think they were the right words to say cos from that point on, he was my model at the ready! 

He let me take his photo and then when I bumped into him again, he wanted me to shoot him and one of his workers.

“Bring the photo to me next week at the Olive Branch Cafe, you have free coffee for a month!”

So, it looks like I’ll be back at Preston Market next week… with the photo! 🙂